Why a Healthy Vending Machine is Essential in the Workplace

1. Staff Remain On-site

When employees leave the work site on their breaks, it increases the likelihood of them being late back. Whether a member of staff pops out for a snack or leaves the workplace to get lunch for everyone, you’re going to experience a dip in productivity when employees are out of the office for longer than they need to be.

By installing a healthy vending machine, however, you can ensure that staff have easy access to a range of delicious snacks. With no need for workers to leave your premises, high levels of productivity can be maintained.

2. Reduce Costs

If you want to ensure refreshments are available on-site, a Nutrivend machine is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve your goal. When you consider the overheads associated with alternative options, such as on-site cafes or snack bars, it’s easy to see why healthy vending machines are such a popular option.

Combining low maintenance with minimal investment, you can install a Nutrivend machine swiftly and efficiently. Furthermore, choosing whether to maintain your own vending machines or have them stocked and maintained on your behalf gives you complete control over your budget.

3. Increase Employee Wellbeing

Staff absences have a significant impact on your productivity and profitability, which is why it’s important to prioritise the wellbeing of your employees. Of course, a healthy diet can have a major impact of physical and mental health. In turn, this affects a person’s motivation, energy and performance.

Having a vending machine that’s stocked with energy-boosting snacks, revitalising drinks and protein-rich refreshments can, therefore, have a positive effect on the health of your team. As well as optimising their performance in the short-term, incorporating healthy eating into your staff wellbeing program could even decrease staff absences and strengthen your workforce.

4. Enhance Profits

As a business, you’ll want to do everything possible to increase your profits. Providing on-site access to food and drinks allows you to introduce another revenue stream to support your business and enhance profitability. However, this will only be an effective way to optimise revenue if you can generate profit via the sale of refreshments.

Fortunately, the low overheads associated with Nutrivend machines make them an easy way to incorporate another lucrative revenue stream into your business model. With the potential to generate increased profits via a simple addition to the workplace, vending machines can be a savvy way to optimise your operations and enhance your financial performance.

5. Improve Employee Satisfaction

Numerous studies have shown that happy employees have higher levels of motivation, productivity and efficiency. In short, increasing employee satisfaction has a direct impact on your business. When you can enhance employee happiness and boost workplace morale, it can have a surprising impact on your outputs.

Making your premises a healthy and happy place to work needn’t be complicated but it is an important way of optimising productivity. When you show employees that you value their input by providing them with the equipment and resources they need to thrive, it can pay dividends in the long-term. With the introduction of Nutrivend machines, you can reinforce your commitment to your staff and, as a result, you’ll benefit from the enhanced motivation and commitment of your staff.

Installing Nutrivend Machines at Your Premises

Whether you’re eager to get a Nutrivend machine installed straight away, or you simply want to find out more, our friendly team will be happy to help. We offer both fully managed and self-fill solutions, so it’s easy to find the right option for your workplace. What’s more – Nutrivend machines can be fully branded to display your company logo, imagery and typography, which means you can reinforce your brand values when you install Nutrivend machines on site.To learn more now, contact Nutrivend on 01443 718 411 or email us at hello@nutrivend.co.uk

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