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5 Signs You Should Invest in Sport Nutrition Solutions

If you are struggling to decide whether or not to convert your current vending machines to more nutritional alternatives, we would like to help. Here are five signs that suggest you should, indeed, invest in sport nutrition solutions.

Sport Nutrition Vending: No Freakshakes Here

Have you ever heard of the freakshake? The BBC recently ran a story discussing an effort by Action On Sugar to have the high-calorie, high-sugar drinks banned in the UK. We want to discuss that campaign while also letting it be known that there are no freakshakes in our sport nutrition vending machines. Protein shakes, yes. Freakshakes, no.

Healthy Vending Machines and the Snacking Problem

It's no secret that an obesity problem exists in the UK. In fact, the United Nations pegs Britain as the third fattest nation in Europe behind only Malta and Turkey. Knowing this, it was with great interest that we read an article published by the Daily Mail on 24th October. The article touched on how the French have successfully dealt with childhood obesity to the point that it is virtually non-existent there.

Fitness Vending Has One Thing Others Lack

It's difficult for us to look at the vending market in Japan and not be a little bit jealous. If there's one country that knows how to do vending on a grand scale, it's Japan. Here at Nutrivend, we believe the same thing can be done in the UK. We also believe that fitness vending has one thing that other vending solutions lack. It is something that could truly revolutionise UK vending.