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New Unhealthy Food Taxes Could Be on the Way

The government levied a tax on sugary drinks back in April 2018. Based on the success of that tax, England's chief medical officer thinks it might be a good idea to raise taxes on other unhealthy foods as a way of incentivising people to make better choices. In short, more unhealthy food taxes could be on the way. How those taxes would affect our sport nutrition solutions is unclear.

Study Proves Suspicions About Processed Foods and Weight Gain

A new study just out from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirms what many of us have long suspected about processed foods and weight gain. While we still don't know the mechanism behind it, the study proves once and for all that processed foods lead to weight gain because people eat more of them. The study underscores why fitness nutrition is so important to us.


The Vending Machine Dilemma for UK Hospitals

While hospitals in England have made a concerted effort to transition the healthy vending machines in recent years, their counterparts in Northern Ireland have not. So you can imagine the shock among healthy eating advocates when the most recent revenue numbers were released.

Snooker Players Embody the New Sport Nutrition Paradigm

Have you ever wondered how we got from where we used to be to where we are today in terms of sport nutrition? We have. Sport nutrition and vending have been our livelihood for more than 20 years. Yet we can remember a day when sport nutrition was not nearly as popular as it is now. It causes us to wonder what happened.

What Sports Nutrition Distributors and Florists Have in Common

Today we present yet another blog post introducing our readers to some of the interesting things you can find in vending machines. As a launching point, consider the following question: what do sports nutrition distributors and florists have in common?