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Is Fitness Vending Coming to Greenwich?

We've used the occasion of previous blog posts to talk about how excited we are that NHS hospitals are helping to combat the obesity epidemic by transforming their vending solutions. Along those same lines, we were thrilled to learn not too long ago that councillors in Greenwich are looking at doing something similar in all council leisure centres, libraries, and community facilities.

When Nutritional Vending Machines Lead to Better Things

We are fairly certain you have heard of the NHS plan to rid British hospitals off unhealthy foods in vending machines. A few years back, the NHS strongly encouraged hospitals to reduce sales of fizzy drinks and high calorie snacks by replacing them with better options. Hospitals answered the call by installing nutritional vending machines.

Undeniable Proof That You Need Sport Nutrition Vending

We aren't afraid to say that we believe sport nutrition vending is appropriate in just about any environment capable of supporting traditional vending machines. We see sport nutrition vending as a better alternative because it gives people healthier choices when they are looking for a snack.

Healthy Vending Machines: It's NHS Scotland's Turn

Nearly a year-and-a-half-ago NHS England began switching to healthy snacks, research suggests this was a positive move and health advocates are calling on NHS Scotland to follow the lead of its English counterpart by insisting on healthy vending machines.