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How to Make Money in Vending Without Really Trying

There was a popular musical back in the 1960s entitled How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. We want to borrow from the musical to talk about gym vending machines. Welcome to 'How to Make Money in Vending without Really Trying'.

Sport Nutrition Vending and the Banana Principle

One of the things we contend with in the healthy vending business is convincing potential customers that installing machines filled with healthy snack foods can help users change their eating habits. It's a hard concept to explain in a culture that seems to have an unending craving for unhealthy foods. Perhaps explaining the Banana Principle would help make the point.

Physical Well-being and the Case for Fitness Nutrition

The British Chamber of Commerce issued a press release on 7th February 2019 entitled 'The Physical Attraction of Workplace Well-Being'. We think the post makes a strong case for fitness nutrition as a concept that should be pursued both in the workplace and in public gathering spaces.

Leisure Centre Vending: Why Snack Choices Matter

Freestanding vending machines are one way to provide leisure centre guests with snack options when café service is not possible. The question is, what kinds of snacks are guests being offered? Snack choices matter because they directly affect what people put into their bodies.