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Conflicting Messages is the Biggest Challenge of Sport Nutrition

We deal with challenges ranging from pricing to product availability and finding great locations for our vending machines. But perhaps the biggest challenge we face is one of conflicting messages. Our industry has to find a way to help people cut through all the noise to truly understand what constitutes good nutrition.

The Data Is there to Support Gym Vending Machines

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post discussing how fitness vending is perfect for the millennial generation. The point behind this post is to take that thinking one step further by discussing the state of the gym industry in the UK.

How Fitness Vending Can Help with New Year's Resolutions


Rather than stocking vending machines with biscuits and crisps, we offer healthier options ranging from protein bars to dried fruits. It gives people more options and allows them to achieve their goals. Some appreciate it; others don't care either way.


Sport Nutrition Vending Perfect for the Millennial Audience

In this week's post though, we have some hard numbers to share. We have data that shows just how attractive sport nutrition vending is for organisations focusing on a millennial audience.