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Sports Nutrition Vending Can Work Anywhere

Gyms, sports centres, universities, swimming pools… These are all by now well-established locations for sports nutrition. The reasons are obvious. In recent years, such locations have experienced an overhaul in PR and now set themselves up as temples to well-being – the embodiment of the ideals of good health.

The Importance of Carbs in Weight Training

For most weight trainers, protein and calories are the two numbers they like to keep an eye on. Hit the daily amount, hit the gym, and you’re well on track – or so the wisdom goes. However, humble carbs, so often avoided by weight trainers, have a vital role to play in a muscle-builder’s diet. Ignore them at your peril.

The Shift towards Whole Foods in Sports Nutrition

For decades, practical sports nutrition has been associated with a certain artificiality, products specially designed for optimal nutrition provision. From protein powders to energy bars and brightly coloured sports drinks, we all know the kinds of products traditionally associated with vending machines found in gyms and sports venues. There is a lot to be said for these high-tech products.

The Importance of Protein in Sports Nutrition Vending

If you want to understand the part protein plays in sport nutrition we can help. It is an essential component due to it being a vital part of recovery and growth of muscle tissue after exercise.

Why You Should Consider Sports Nutrition Vending Machines

Most public commercial spaces – from the shopping centre to the community centre – will feature vending machines as a familiar sight. And when it comes to gyms, sports centres, or other sporting areas, vending machines are ubiquitous. Sports nutrition is becoming more mainstream and is ready to take vending by storm.

The Importance of Timing in Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is always best tailored to individual needs, relying on age, gender, sporting goals and an individual’s general level of physical exertion over a day, month, or year. However, there are some useful general rules that can be applied to optimise sports nutrition and help work towards goals

NHS Vending Machines Getting Even Healthier

According to several news sources, the NHS has just signed a contract that will see all hospital vending machines get even healthier. As a company that specialises in leisure centre and gym vending machines, we know a thing or two about what's going on here.

Are Nutritional Vending Machines a Moral Issue?

Real Business recently posted a fascinating article discussing a move by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) to encourage employers to do a better job of understanding how obesity affects the office. Author Charlie Mullins took the position that it is not the employer's responsibility or right to dictate what employees eat or whether or not they exercise.

Research Raises Questions About Nutrition Guidance

Good health advocates and government regulators have made it their business to give UK consumers nutrition guidance. The same is true throughout most of Europe and North America. But new research now raises questions about some of that guidance. Of particular concern is the 'one size fits all' approach most nutrition advice follows.

New Unhealthy Food Taxes Could Be on the Way

The government levied a tax on sugary drinks back in April 2018. Based on the success of that tax, England's chief medical officer thinks it might be a good idea to raise taxes on other unhealthy foods as a way of incentivising people to make better choices. In short, more unhealthy food taxes could be on the way. How those taxes would affect our sport nutrition solutions is unclear.

Study Proves Suspicions About Processed Foods and Weight Gain

A new study just out from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirms what many of us have long suspected about processed foods and weight gain. While we still don't know the mechanism behind it, the study proves once and for all that processed foods lead to weight gain because people eat more of them. The study underscores why fitness nutrition is so important to us.


The Vending Machine Dilemma for UK Hospitals

While hospitals in England have made a concerted effort to transition the healthy vending machines in recent years, their counterparts in Northern Ireland have not. So you can imagine the shock among healthy eating advocates when the most recent revenue numbers were released.

What Sports Nutrition Distributors and Florists Have in Common

Today we present yet another blog post introducing our readers to some of the interesting things you can find in vending machines. As a launching point, consider the following question: what do sports nutrition distributors and florists have in common?

How Blockchain Could Influence Leisure Centre Vending

It seems like everywhere you look you find technology that is in some way linked to blockchain. Just in case you missed the news, blockchain is no longer confined to cryptoBlockchain technologies are being used to facilitate better logistics, maintain corporate accounting, and automate administrative tasks in law offices. It is even making its way into vending.

Will These 3 Trends Drastically Change Vending Machines?

As a company with a long history in fitness vending, we've taken interest in an article recently published by the FoodBev website. The article discusses three trends the author believes will shape the future of vending. If she's right, our vending machines could look quite different just a few years from now.

Physical Well-being and the Case for Fitness Nutrition

The British Chamber of Commerce issued a press release on 7th February 2019 entitled 'The Physical Attraction of Workplace Well-Being'. We think the post makes a strong case for fitness nutrition as a concept that should be pursued both in the workplace and in public gathering spaces.

When Nutritional Vending Machines Lead to Better Things

We are fairly certain you have heard of the NHS plan to rid British hospitals off unhealthy foods in vending machines. A few years back, the NHS strongly encouraged hospitals to reduce sales of fizzy drinks and high calorie snacks by replacing them with better options. Hospitals answered the call by installing nutritional vending machines.

Healthy Vending Machines: It's NHS Scotland's Turn

Nearly a year-and-a-half-ago NHS England began switching to healthy snacks, research suggests this was a positive move and health advocates are calling on NHS Scotland to follow the lead of its English counterpart by insisting on healthy vending machines.

Bacon or Protein Bars: Which One Do You Prefer?

It is time for another one of those blog posts highlighting the crazy things people put in vending machines. This time we're off to the US state of Ohio and a pilot programme run by the Ohio Pork Council (OPC). Suffice to say that the vending machines that were part of the now expired programme were not offering sports nutrition products.

Healthy Vending Machines and the Snacking Problem

It's no secret that an obesity problem exists in the UK. In fact, the United Nations pegs Britain as the third fattest nation in Europe behind only Malta and Turkey. Knowing this, it was with great interest that we read an article published by the Daily Mail on 24th October. The article touched on how the French have successfully dealt with childhood obesity to the point that it is virtually non-existent there.

What Message Is Your Vending Machine Sending?

We've been in the vending business for a long time. If there's one thing we've learned, it's this: the only thing equal to impulse sales when it comes to vending success is messaging. The message a vending machine sends is critical to whether they produce the kind of results we're looking for.

More Proof that Sport Nutrition Vending Is Profitable

Long-time Nutrivend customers know that sport nutrition vending is a profitable enterprise. If you haven’t looked into it yourself, you might be sceptical about the possibility of making money with healthy vending machines. We would like to offer you further proof that there's money to be made in this business. That proof comes by way of the nation's hospitals.

2 More Crazy Vending Machines You Have to See to Believe

We are back with yet another blog post featuring crazy vending machines that are almost too strange to believe. This is getting to be a thing for us, but it's all good fun. Every time we see one of these unique ideas, it reminds us how awesome the vending business is.

Shropshire Libraries Convert To Healthy Vending Machines

Everywhere we look someone else has converted to healthy vending machines, the latest convert is the Shropshire library system. Will this change actually affect peoples nutritional choices? Read on to find out more.

Study: Healthy Vending Machines Reduce Sugar Intake

It appears as though efforts taken by the NHS to encourage people to eat more healthy snacks are paying off. A recent study undertaken by Leeds Teaching Hospital's NHS trust, one of the largest such trusts in England, shows that healthy vending lead to staff, patients, and visitors to more frequently choose healthier snacks over crisps and fizzy drinks.

Fitness Vending 101: Convenience Trumps Good Health

Unfortunately, convenience trumps good health far too often. A smart American entrepreneur discovered that in San Francisco, leading her to establish a unique line of vending machines that are doing very well.

NHS Makes the Case for Adoption of Healthy Vending Machines

In 2017, NHS England chief Simon Stevens made it clear that hospitals under his jurisdiction had to reduce the volume of sugary drinks sold on their premises. Now that the numbers are in, it looks like Stevens' strategy has worked. And without even knowing it, he and NHS England have made the case for adopting healthy vending machines at NHS hospitals.

Nutrichondria and Its Influence on Fitness Nutrition

We will be the first to admit that trends in nutrition and fitness affect our bottom line. But that's not to say that we favour any one trend over another. Our job is to simply respond to what consumers want by filling our vending machines with the right kinds of products. As such, we pay close attention to public opinion as it relates to fitness nutrition.

Are Sports Nutrition Products Ready for Customisation?

Coca-Cola recently unveiled the latest in their line of Freestyle vending machines. The new Freestyle 9100 offers several technological advances over its predecessor, advances built around the idea of customisation. Reading about it made us wonder whether sports nutrition products are ready for the same level of customisation. In a word, no.

Nutritionists Weigh-In on Vending Machine Choices

The problem with a lot of gym vending machines is that they are stocked with snacks and beverages that don't really lend themselves well to a healthy lifestyle. They are counterproductive to the gym mentality.

Is There a Place for eSports in Sport Nutrition Solutions?

We are always looking for new ways to grow our business. So it was with great fascination that we recently learned about a new, emerging sector that may or may not work well with what we do. The sector is esports, and it's becoming a hot commodity in Europe. It's causing us to wonder if there is a place for esports in sport nutrition solutions.

Say Hello to the Wedding Vending Machine

If you are still sceptical about the potential of fitness vending for your gym or leisure centre, we offer you yet more proof that you can sell anything in a vending machine if you know what you're doing. Say hello to the world's first vending machine for couples on their wedding day. No, this is not satire.

Social Housing: A Waiting Market for Healthy Vending Machines

 A number of news reports say the association is now in the process of setting up a £60 million framework for providing vending machines to the public sector – most notably through social housing. This leads us to believe that social housing might represent a brand new healthy vending market just waiting to be tapped.

Free Beer: Proof You Can Put Anything in a Vending Machine

In our quest to explain to new clients all the benefits of nutritional vending machines, we come across sceptics who don't think it's economically viable to stock vending machines with things like protein bars and sports drinks. We get that. Mention vending in the UK and most people think of chocolates, crisps, and soft drinks. But there's a lot more to vending.

Fitness Nutrition and Clean Labels: What Is It All About?

This post is designed to provide a basic understanding of clean labelling. The concept of clean labels is just beginning to emerge in fitness nutrition, and it looks like it may be a trend that hangs around for a while.

Sport Nutrition, No Longer Just for Athletes

It's fair to say that a lot of our clients are leisure centres and gyms where sport nutrition is fairly easy to sell. But limiting ourselves to just those venues would be giving up on other sources of revenue. Not only is vending big business in general, sport nutrition vending continues to do very well. Why? Because sport nutrition is no longer just for athletes.

5 Secrets of Successful Sport Nutrition Vending

We can provide details on our vending options when you contact us to learn more about sport nutrition vending. In the meantime, we want to help you better understand more about our business. To that end, here are five secrets of successful vending you may not hear anywhere else.

Leisure Centre Vending from a Child's Perspective

So much of what we do in the business world is about messaging. Whether you're talking about building a brand, selling a new product, or convincing customers that your service is superior to that of your competitors, the effectiveness of your message either wins or loses the day. So let's step back and think about leisure centre vending from the standpoint of messaging.

NHS Cadbury Ban Is About Price, Not Nutrition

Your next visit to an NHS hospital will likely mean you won't have access to Cadbury brand chocolates and other snacks – either in vending machines or with over-the-counter service. The NHS and its supply chain partner have banned Cadbury products. But it's not about nutrition, it's about price.

Schoolboy Supplements: There are Better Sport Nutrition Solutions

Have you heard about the new research suggesting some PE teachers are giving or selling supplements to their students to boost their performance on the pitch? If not, it's something you might want to pay attention to. From our perspective, there are better sport nutrition solutions available to PE teachers and students than schoolboy supplements.

Peanut Butter Showing Up in Sports Nutrition Products

What do peanut butter and sugar substitutes have in common? They are both showing up in sports nutrition products with greater frequency. The sugar substitutes we get, but peanut butter is another matter entirely. To see nutrition-minded sports enthusiasts embracing it with so much vim and vigour is somewhat of a surprise. But there it is.

Follow the Olympic Lead of Sports Nutrition Distributors

With the 2018 Winter Olympic Games almost over, sports fans will start turning their attentions to other activities. Not so for marketers. As we know from our own experience as Olympic hosts in 2012, marketers will continue playing on the popularity of the Olympics for a few more months. Some will even keep milking the Olympic cow until the Summer Games gear up two years from now.

Conflicting Messages is the Biggest Challenge of Sport Nutrition

We deal with challenges ranging from pricing to product availability and finding great locations for our vending machines. But perhaps the biggest challenge we face is one of conflicting messages. Our industry has to find a way to help people cut through all the noise to truly understand what constitutes good nutrition.

The Data Is there to Support Gym Vending Machines

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post discussing how fitness vending is perfect for the millennial generation. The point behind this post is to take that thinking one step further by discussing the state of the gym industry in the UK.

Sport Nutrition Vending Perfect for the Millennial Audience

In this week's post though, we have some hard numbers to share. We have data that shows just how attractive sport nutrition vending is for organisations focusing on a millennial audience.

There's Nothing You Can't Sell in Vending Machines

We find ourselves regularly explaining how marketable nutritional snacks are in the vending business. We like to tell customers that there's really nothing you cannot sell in vending machines. If you can fit it in a vending machine and find a good location for that machine, somebody will buy what you are selling.

NHS Action Invites More Healthy Vending Machines

In an effort to force trusts around the country to reduce sales of sugary drinks, ranking officials within the NHS have threatened to outright ban sugary drinks if local management do not find a way to reduce sales of the products. Chiefs have set a target of 10% or less of total sales, meaning local trusts need to reduce sales of sugary drinks to that level or face a ban.

Homeless Vending Machine Won't Stock Sports Nutrition Products

We recently took a step back and observed the community of vending distributors in the UK, whenever we do this we find some new advances we are always optimistic about but this time we have something very unique; vending machines for the homeless.

Sports Nutrition Products and the Sugar Tax

Just a few short months from now, the UK will be facing a first-of-its-kind sugar tax. The tax, initially intended only to target fizzy drinks, is similar to taxes already existing in some European countries. From April, it will cost consumers extra to buy drinks with high levels of sugar in the hope that the higher price will dissuade them from making such purchases. Make no mistake; the sugar tax will impact sports nutrition products one way or another. It may eventually apply to some of them.

The Touch-and-Go Future of Sport Nutrition Vending

The worldwide vending industry has a history of adapting to consumer trends and preferences. In fact, you could make the case that such adaptation is what gave birth to sport nutrition vending a little more than a decade ago. Consumers wanted vending machines with more nutritional products that enhanced their desire for a healthier lifestyle, and we responded. The next big wave of adaptation could be in touch-and-go payments.

A Round Pound Lesson: Fitness Nutrition Must Evolve

October 15th will go down in history as a red-letter day. It was the day that the vaunted round pound coin was taken out of circulation, effectively rendering it useless as legal tender. Now that it is done, vending companies need to learn an important lesson by following some of the same advice offered to the Royal Mint in that we must evolve to keep pace with the times.

Nutritional Vending Needs More Products

Don't misunderstand; our nutritional vending machines give consumers plenty of great choices. But the products most machines dispense are not meeting the recommendations of nutritionist Susie Burrell, who suggests people concentrate on getting adequate amounts of iron, omega-3 fats, dietary fibre, vitamin D, and magnesium every day.

3 Trends Now Influencing Sport Nutrition Solutions

Earlier this year, we published a blog post detailing some of the trends the sport nutrition industry would be watching for the remainder of 2017. This post is kind of a follow-up, except that it deals with more long-term trends that are influencing sport nutrition solutions right now.

Are Airports the Next Frontier for Fitness Vending?

The Daily Mail reported back in February on a brand-new gym just opened at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) in the US. This new gym is the first of its kind in that it is located beyond security. That means flyers can check their bags, proceed through security, and then head to the gym for a workout while waiting for their flights to board.

Hospitals: The Next Frontier for Healthy Vending Machines

As a UK leader in fitness vending, we are always looking for new opportunities to get our machines into profitable locations. Our healthy vending machines can be found in gyms, leisure centres, sporting venues, and anywhere else customers looking for healthy eating options tend to congregate. Now we have our eyes set on a new target: hospitals.

2017 Trends Sports Nutrition Distributors Are Watching

We are not even half-way through Q2 of this year and we've already seen some interesting trends in sports nutrition. Some of these trends affect what happens here at Nutrivend and with our vending partners. We are happy to say that the trends are all good, thanks to a gradually improving economy and a willingness among manufacturers to step into new areas.