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Snooker Players Embody the New Sport Nutrition Paradigm

Have you ever wondered how we got from where we used to be to where we are today in terms of sport nutrition? We have. Sport nutrition and vending have been our livelihood for more than 20 years. Yet we can remember a day when sport nutrition was not nearly as popular as it is now. It causes us to wonder what happened.

How About a Healthy Snack with That Short Story?

If you find yourself passing through London's Canary Wharf in the near future, keep an eye out for a couple of brand-new vending machines offering short stories on the go. The machines are being offered by the Canary Wharf Group in response to customer surveys asking what kinds of amenities they would like to see throughout the district.

Science: There's No Best Time to Consume Protein

Protein is a primary ingredient in many of the sports nutrition products found in Nutrivend vending machines. This is for good reason. Protein is essential for building muscle mass and helpful in weight management. Both appeal to the kinds of customers who buy into sports nutrition.

5 Characteristics of a Profitable Sport Nutrition Product

Modern marketing is such that you can go and buy what you believe is a sport nutrition product only to discover it is nothing of the sort. In fact, that's one of the problems that plagues our industry. With such loose marketing standards there are a lot of sport nutrition products that really should be sold as something else.

Is the World Ready for Vegan Vending Machines?

As sports nutrition distributors with a focus on vending, we are fully in favour of replacing junk food with healthier alternatives. We're all about protein bars, energy drinks, and even fresh fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not, we're also proponents of vegan vending machines. But we wonder if the world is ready for them.

Fitness Nutrition: The Link Between Diet and Exercise

We frequently talk about influencing how people make snacking decisions by installing nutritional vending machines as an alternative to their unhealthier cousins. There is a purpose for that. Indeed, it is not just a marketing tool for getting our vending machines into gyms and leisure centres. We talk about influencing snacking decisions because of what we know about fitness nutrition.

How to Make Money in Vending Without Really Trying

There was a popular musical back in the 1960s entitled How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. We want to borrow from the musical to talk about gym vending machines. Welcome to 'How to Make Money in Vending without Really Trying'.

Sport Nutrition Vending and the Banana Principle

One of the things we contend with in the healthy vending business is convincing potential customers that installing machines filled with healthy snack foods can help users change their eating habits. It's a hard concept to explain in a culture that seems to have an unending craving for unhealthy foods. Perhaps explaining the Banana Principle would help make the point.

Leisure Centre Vending: Why Snack Choices Matter

Freestanding vending machines are one way to provide leisure centre guests with snack options when café service is not possible. The question is, what kinds of snacks are guests being offered? Snack choices matter because they directly affect what people put into their bodies.

Is Fitness Vending Coming to Greenwich?

We've used the occasion of previous blog posts to talk about how excited we are that NHS hospitals are helping to combat the obesity epidemic by transforming their vending solutions. Along those same lines, we were thrilled to learn not too long ago that councillors in Greenwich are looking at doing something similar in all council leisure centres, libraries, and community facilities.

Undeniable Proof That You Need Sport Nutrition Vending

We aren't afraid to say that we believe sport nutrition vending is appropriate in just about any environment capable of supporting traditional vending machines. We see sport nutrition vending as a better alternative because it gives people healthier choices when they are looking for a snack.

5 Signs You Should Invest in Sport Nutrition Solutions

If you are struggling to decide whether or not to convert your current vending machines to more nutritional alternatives, we would like to help. Here are five signs that suggest you should, indeed, invest in sport nutrition solutions.

Sport Nutrition Vending: No Freakshakes Here

Have you ever heard of the freakshake? The BBC recently ran a story discussing an effort by Action On Sugar to have the high-calorie, high-sugar drinks banned in the UK. We want to discuss that campaign while also letting it be known that there are no freakshakes in our sport nutrition vending machines. Protein shakes, yes. Freakshakes, no.

Fitness Vending Has One Thing Others Lack

It's difficult for us to look at the vending market in Japan and not be a little bit jealous. If there's one country that knows how to do vending on a grand scale, it's Japan. Here at Nutrivend, we believe the same thing can be done in the UK. We also believe that fitness vending has one thing that other vending solutions lack. It is something that could truly revolutionise UK vending.

Fitness Nutrition and Age Don't Have to Be at Odds

A funny thing happens to people as they age. Actually, a lot of funny things happen but we are speaking specifically of how people eat as they get older. For some reason, our culture has adopted the practice of not paying attention to healthy eating in our later years. It doesn't have to be that way.

Our Gym Vending Machines Are Great for Schools as Well

Parents across the UK are pushing to have unhealthy vending machines removed from school premises without delay. We have a better idea: let us replace them with Nutrivend's healthy gym vending machines.

A Sports Nutrition Distributor's Shout Out to Grenade

No amount of careful vending machine placement could have helped us build a successful business without great brands like Grenade. We want to use this post to offer the wonderful couple behind Grenade an official Nutrivend shout out.

5 Keys to Leisure Centre Vending Success

We frequently use our blog posts to demonstrate the similarities between leisure centre vending and vending in other environments. This post takes a different tack. While the vending we promote is similar to other kinds of vending, it does have some unique aspects as well.

Let's Keep Sport Nutrition Solutions in Perspective

The BBC's recent article discussing the number of teens using protein supplements and other sports nutrition was very informative but without proper perspective was it too alarming? Read on to find out more.

Less Activity Makes Sports Nutrition Products More Important

Sports nutrition products are ideal for vending machines located in gyms and leisure centres. But as an expert in this business, we know that we are not limited to places where people go to exercise.

Fight 'Al Desko Dining' with Nutritional Vending Machines

A new term has been coined to describe the unhealthy eating habits workers in the Western world are prone to. 'Al desko dining' refers to the practice of spending the day eating unhealthy foods at one's desk. And according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is a growing problem in a lot of places.

How Fitness Vending Can Help with New Year's Resolutions


Rather than stocking vending machines with biscuits and crisps, we offer healthier options ranging from protein bars to dried fruits. It gives people more options and allows them to achieve their goals. Some appreciate it; others don't care either way.


5 Strategies for Maximising Leisure Centre Vending

Here at Nutrivend, we talk a lot about how nutritional vending can benefit leisure centres. We explain how patrons of these establishments are already concerned about their health; how they tend to make healthier food choices to complement their exercise regimens. We want to use this post to go one step further.

Fitness Nutrition After the Festive Period

Nutrivend is proud to be a company promoting fitness nutrition 12 months of the year. Having said that, we understand that people tend to take a break from healthy eating during Christmas. That is both normal and completely acceptable. But at some point, unhealthy eating takes its toll. At some point following the festive period, the piper has to be paid.

Using Vending Psychology to Improve Nutrition

We are not afraid to acknowledge that Nutrivend is both a business and an opportunity to help promote better nutrition. In fact, our nutritional vending machines are all about giving people healthier choices. So how do we reconcile the need to pursue sound business practices and a desire to improve nutrition? By taking advantage of the psychology of vending.

Let's Talk Leisure Centre Vending

In recent months, we have noticed a lot of new stories relating to local leisure centres throughout England. For example, one leisure centre in Hertfordshire made the news by offering a free day of workouts in October. Another was profiled for a contest offering a free, 30-day membership to the winner. This is all great news if you are a supporter of leisure centres, as we are. But we would like to expand the topic by talking about leisure centre vending.

Vending Machine Choices Really Do Make a Difference

We often find ourselves explaining to potential new customers the benefits of placing healthy vending machines in their facilities. Understandably, customers who have never before considered healthy vending are prone to believing that what you actually sell in a vending machine doesn't really matter. But it does. Vending machine choices really do make a difference.

Are Healthy Vending Machines Impressing Hospital Visitors?

Two hospitals operated by the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust recently installed healthy vending machines intended to give visitors additional options to go along with less healthy vending and the fresh foods normally available in the hospitals' canteens. So how has it gone? Are hospital visitors impressed with the new vending machines? In a word, no.

Euromonitor: Protein Products Driving Sport Nutrition

Nutrivend keeps an eye on consumer trends to guarantee that our sport nutrition vending machines carry the kinds of products consumers want. So we are not surprised by a recent Euromonitor report showing that protein products are driving the growth in sport nutrition around the world.

Gym Vending Machines Not So Strange After All

We have been in the business of nutritional vending long enough to know that people still have a hard time with the idea of gym vending machines dispensing things like energy drinks, power bars, and functional foods. We get the fact that people still equate vending with things like chocolate bars and crisps. But still, it would be nice to know that what we do has become mainstream.

Good News: Sport Nutrition Is Big for Footballers

News that a major sport nutrition products manufacturer has signed deals with six major football clubs is good news for those of us in the sport nutrition vending industry. Why? Because football sells. Actually, sports in general are good for our business from a marketing standpoint. It's actually quite understandable when you step back and think about it.

Leisure Centre Vending in the Wellness Era

What does the leisure centre in your local area look like? If you have things like a swimming pool, squash courts, and pitches for football, your local centre is fairly typical. If you are fortunate enough to live near a leisure centre that includes a wellness spa, rest assured that your local facility is on the cutting edge.

Nutritional Vending Machines and the PHRD Pledge

Between 2010 and 2015, the government published a number of initiatives aimed at improving the public health, including the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD). A big part of the PHRD is encouraging employers to pledge to make staff food options more healthy. To date, fewer than 200 companies have signed on with the pledge. We want to help change that with our nutritional vending machines.

Sports Nutrition Distributors Can Promote Performance Nutrition

There is sub-speciality of sports nutrition known as performance nutrition. In basic terms, it is a way of approaching nutrition in order to maximise performance. Performance nutrition is practised by professional athletes, dancers, and others who rely on optimal health and physical ability to do what they do.

Fitness Nutrition and the Fickle Consumer

What would you say if we told you that the Atkins diet was back? Well it is, sort of. One of the latest crazes in the diet world is the keto diet, a diet that follows the same basic principles as Atkins but with an emphasis on replacing carbohydrates with specific kinds of fats. It is a diet that might appeal to the same kinds of customers we target for fitness nutrition.

Tips for Maximising Sport Nutrition Solutions

Not too long ago, we published a blog post with helpful tips for maximising vending machine sales. Those tips included things such as placing vending machines in strategic locations and keeping the machines clean. Now we want to take that line of thinking one step further to address sport nutrition solutions as a whole.

Can Dairy Products Be Part of Sport Nutrition?

Here at Nutrivend, we are always looking for innovative ways to combine sport nutrition and vending. One of the more recent stories we came across detailed a Dairy Council student award established four years ago to encourage young people to come up with new ways to use dairy products in the sport nutrition arena.

Combat 'Work Fat' with Nutritional Vending Machines


According to a recent survey conducted by the CareerBuilder website, 25% of the more than 3,400 respondents admitted putting on more than 10 pounds since starting their current jobs. A total of 56% admitted to being overweight.


Annual Vending Census Supports Healthy Vending Machines

We admit that selling clients on healthy vending machines is sometimes a tough ask. Unfortunately, we have this cultural understanding of vending as being mostly unhealthy foods like chocolate bars, crisps, and sugary drinks that we all know are not good for us. It can be tough to associate the typical vending machine with healthy foods.

When Fitness Vending and Impulse Sales Collide

Anyone who has successfully engaged in the vending business for more than a few years fully understands that what we do is firmly rooted in impulse sales. As a company involved in fitness vending, we are working with the same dynamic despite focusing on healthy alternatives to less healthy foods.

Would Timers Help Leisure Centre Vending?

Scientists in the US have come up with some surprising data regarding vending machine habits and how people can be encouraged to make healthier choices. The research has also prompted an interesting question: should timers be placed on vending machines in order to help people avoid purchasing unhealthy foods?

Sport Nutrition Vending Taps into the Convenience Mindset

When we first got involved in sport nutrition vending some five years ago, the idea of stocking vending machines with the kinds of healthy foods sport-minded individuals would consume was virtually unheard of.

Specialist Sport Nutrition

This is the time of year when an increasing number of people are taking up sports and exercise. People want to get fitter and healthier - and often their goal is to lose excess weight and shape up.

10 Facts About Sports Nutrition

You’ve probably spotted Nutrivend’s sports nutrition products and convenient gym vending solutions in health and leisure centres around the UK, and you probably have a good grasp of why it is so important to watch what you eat but here are some facts you should know..

Why Choose Our Fitness Nutrition Solution?

We're familiar with seeing vending machines in sports centres, swimming pools and gyms. In fact, according to the European Vending Association, there are thought to be about 3.8 million machines across Europe with a turnover of around £9.5 billion.

Nutrivend, A Sports Nutrition Distributor

When it comes to nutritionally-balanced and protein-packed snacks on-the-go, Nutrivend are really changing the game. Having shared their enthusiasm for health and fitness throughout the UK’s pools, gyms and leisure centres since 2012, they have become the fastest-growing sports nutrition distributor and, they don’t plan to stop now!

Nutritional Sports Products May Lessen GP Visits

At Nutrivend we want to help gyms, leisure centres, sports grounds and swimming pool management to offer the best nutrition to their clients. We all know the importance of an effective diet working with regular exercise to maximise health levels but the theory doesn’t always turn in to practice.

Why You Need Nutritional Vending Machines

The team at Nutrivend appreciates the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. We actively encourage gym owners to learn about our nutritional vending machines so that they can offer their clients the best sports nutrition products on the market. This delivers maximum benefits to clients.

Powerhouse Sports Nutrition Products

At Nutrivend we are always keen to see new developments in sports nutrition and to tell you about them. You can be sure that we only feature the best ideas and products.

Sports nutrition products help exercisers before, during and after activities.