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Is There a Place for eSports in Sport Nutrition Solutions?

We are always looking for new ways to grow our business. So it was with great fascination that we recently learned about a new, emerging sector that may or may not work well with what we do. The sector is esports, and it's becoming a hot commodity in Europe. It's causing us to wonder if there is a place for esports in sport nutrition solutions.

Say Hello to the Wedding Vending Machine

If you are still sceptical about the potential of fitness vending for your gym or leisure centre, we offer you yet more proof that you can sell anything in a vending machine if you know what you're doing. Say hello to the world's first vending machine for couples on their wedding day. No, this is not satire.

Social Housing: A Waiting Market for Healthy Vending Machines

 A number of news reports say the association is now in the process of setting up a £60 million framework for providing vending machines to the public sector – most notably through social housing. This leads us to believe that social housing might represent a brand new healthy vending market just waiting to be tapped.

Free Beer: Proof You Can Put Anything in a Vending Machine

In our quest to explain to new clients all the benefits of nutritional vending machines, we come across sceptics who don't think it's economically viable to stock vending machines with things like protein bars and sports drinks. We get that. Mention vending in the UK and most people think of chocolates, crisps, and soft drinks. But there's a lot more to vending.

Fitness Nutrition and Clean Labels: What Is It All About?

This post is designed to provide a basic understanding of clean labelling. The concept of clean labels is just beginning to emerge in fitness nutrition, and it looks like it may be a trend that hangs around for a while.