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Hospitals: The Next Frontier for Healthy Vending Machines

As a UK leader in fitness vending, we are always looking for new opportunities to get our machines into profitable locations. Our healthy vending machines can be found in gyms, leisure centres, sporting venues, and anywhere else customers looking for healthy eating options tend to congregate. Now we have our eyes set on a new target: hospitals.

Important Vending Machine Lessons from Japan

We are happy to report that the UK offers a very robust market for vending machines. Strong sales that continue to grow are more than supporting our business. But the vending market here, as with most othr European markets, pales in comparison to Japan. We can learn some things from our Japanese counterparts.

Tips for Maximising Sport Nutrition Solutions

Not too long ago, we published a blog post with helpful tips for maximising vending machine sales. Those tips included things such as placing vending machines in strategic locations and keeping the machines clean. Now we want to take that line of thinking one step further to address sport nutrition solutions as a whole.

Can Dairy Products Be Part of Sport Nutrition?

Here at Nutrivend, we are always looking for innovative ways to combine sport nutrition and vending. One of the more recent stories we came across detailed a Dairy Council student award established four years ago to encourage young people to come up with new ways to use dairy products in the sport nutrition arena.

Combat 'Work Fat' with Nutritional Vending Machines


According to a recent survey conducted by the CareerBuilder website, 25% of the more than 3,400 respondents admitted putting on more than 10 pounds since starting their current jobs. A total of 56% admitted to being overweight.