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Nutritional Vending Needs More Products

Don't misunderstand; our nutritional vending machines give consumers plenty of great choices. But the products most machines dispense are not meeting the recommendations of nutritionist Susie Burrell, who suggests people concentrate on getting adequate amounts of iron, omega-3 fats, dietary fibre, vitamin D, and magnesium every day.

Gym Vending Machines with Coconut Water and Salads

We consider ourselves fairly progressive as far as vending companies go. After all, Nutrivend is all about healthier vending options for leisure centres, gyms, and other outlets where health-conscious people gather. That said, our vision for healthier gym vending machines is one of the reasons we're not surprised to learn about a new vegan option that just popped up in Melbourne, Australia.

3 Trends Now Influencing Sport Nutrition Solutions

Earlier this year, we published a blog post detailing some of the trends the sport nutrition industry would be watching for the remainder of 2017. This post is kind of a follow-up, except that it deals with more long-term trends that are influencing sport nutrition solutions right now.

Let's Talk Leisure Centre Vending

In recent months, we have noticed a lot of new stories relating to local leisure centres throughout England. For example, one leisure centre in Hertfordshire made the news by offering a free day of workouts in October. Another was profiled for a contest offering a free, 30-day membership to the winner. This is all great news if you are a supporter of leisure centres, as we are. But we would like to expand the topic by talking about leisure centre vending.

Fighting Junk Food Addiction with Fitness Vending

There are a lot of great reasons for embracing fitness vending for your place of business. If you're not motivated by sales trends or the fact that more and more people are demanding healthier snack options, try this reason: embracing fitness vending actively puts you in the battle against junk food addiction.