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NHS Cadbury Ban Is About Price, Not Nutrition

Your next visit to an NHS hospital will likely mean you won't have access to Cadbury brand chocolates and other snacks – either in vending machines or with over-the-counter service. The NHS and its supply chain partner have banned Cadbury products. But it's not about nutrition, it's about price.

Schoolboy Supplements: There are Better Sport Nutrition Solutions

Have you heard about the new research suggesting some PE teachers are giving or selling supplements to their students to boost their performance on the pitch? If not, it's something you might want to pay attention to. From our perspective, there are better sport nutrition solutions available to PE teachers and students than schoolboy supplements.

Peanut Butter Showing Up in Sports Nutrition Products

What do peanut butter and sugar substitutes have in common? They are both showing up in sports nutrition products with greater frequency. The sugar substitutes we get, but peanut butter is another matter entirely. To see nutrition-minded sports enthusiasts embracing it with so much vim and vigour is somewhat of a surprise. But there it is.

Follow the Olympic Lead of Sports Nutrition Distributors

With the 2018 Winter Olympic Games almost over, sports fans will start turning their attentions to other activities. Not so for marketers. As we know from our own experience as Olympic hosts in 2012, marketers will continue playing on the popularity of the Olympics for a few more months. Some will even keep milking the Olympic cow until the Summer Games gear up two years from now.

Conflicting Messages is the Biggest Challenge of Sport Nutrition

We deal with challenges ranging from pricing to product availability and finding great locations for our vending machines. But perhaps the biggest challenge we face is one of conflicting messages. Our industry has to find a way to help people cut through all the noise to truly understand what constitutes good nutrition.