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NHS Action Invites More Healthy Vending Machines

In an effort to force trusts around the country to reduce sales of sugary drinks, ranking officials within the NHS have threatened to outright ban sugary drinks if local management do not find a way to reduce sales of the products. Chiefs have set a target of 10% or less of total sales, meaning local trusts need to reduce sales of sugary drinks to that level or face a ban.

Fitness Nutrition After the Festive Period

Nutrivend is proud to be a company promoting fitness nutrition 12 months of the year. Having said that, we understand that people tend to take a break from healthy eating during Christmas. That is both normal and completely acceptable. But at some point, unhealthy eating takes its toll. At some point following the festive period, the piper has to be paid.

Using Vending Psychology to Improve Nutrition

We are not afraid to acknowledge that Nutrivend is both a business and an opportunity to help promote better nutrition. In fact, our nutritional vending machines are all about giving people healthier choices. So how do we reconcile the need to pursue sound business practices and a desire to improve nutrition? By taking advantage of the psychology of vending.

Homeless Vending Machine Won't Stock Sports Nutrition Products

We recently took a step back and observed the community of vending distributors in the UK, whenever we do this we find some new advances we are always optimistic about but this time we have something very unique; vending machines for the homeless.

Sports Nutrition Products and the Sugar Tax

Just a few short months from now, the UK will be facing a first-of-its-kind sugar tax. The tax, initially intended only to target fizzy drinks, is similar to taxes already existing in some European countries. From April, it will cost consumers extra to buy drinks with high levels of sugar in the hope that the higher price will dissuade them from making such purchases. Make no mistake; the sugar tax will impact sports nutrition products one way or another. It may eventually apply to some of them.