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Go Ahead – Buy a Down Body-Warmer from a Vending Machine

Regular readers of our blog know that in our quest to demonstrate just how viable healthy gym vending machines can be, we're constantly looking for other vending opportunities that seem to defy the traditional industry model. We found another one. This time it's in San Francisco.

Study: Healthy Vending Machines Reduce Sugar Intake

It appears as though efforts taken by the NHS to encourage people to eat more healthy snacks are paying off. A recent study undertaken by Leeds Teaching Hospital's NHS trust, one of the largest such trusts in England, shows that healthy vending lead to staff, patients, and visitors to more frequently choose healthier snacks over crisps and fizzy drinks.

Fitness Vending 101: Convenience Trumps Good Health

Unfortunately, convenience trumps good health far too often. A smart American entrepreneur discovered that in San Francisco, leading her to establish a unique line of vending machines that are doing very well.

Is Carb Rinsing the Next Big Thing in Sport Nutrition?

As the World Cup draws to a close, there are plenty of memories to hold onto for years to come. They don't include images of athletes rinsing their mouths and spitting. Yet the more we think about, the more it seems like the amount of rinsing and spitting has been way up this year.

NHS Makes the Case for Adoption of Healthy Vending Machines

In 2017, NHS England chief Simon Stevens made it clear that hospitals under his jurisdiction had to reduce the volume of sugary drinks sold on their premises. Now that the numbers are in, it looks like Stevens' strategy has worked. And without even knowing it, he and NHS England have made the case for adopting healthy vending machines at NHS hospitals.