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NHS Makes the Case for Adoption of Healthy Vending Machines

In 2017, NHS England chief Simon Stevens made it clear that hospitals under his jurisdiction had to reduce the volume of sugary drinks sold on their premises. Now that the numbers are in, it looks like Stevens' strategy has worked. And without even knowing it, he and NHS England have made the case for adopting healthy vending machines at NHS hospitals.

Fight 'Al Desko Dining' with Nutritional Vending Machines

A new term has been coined to describe the unhealthy eating habits workers in the Western world are prone to. 'Al desko dining' refers to the practice of spending the day eating unhealthy foods at one's desk. And according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is a growing problem in a lot of places.

Nutrichondria and Its Influence on Fitness Nutrition

We will be the first to admit that trends in nutrition and fitness affect our bottom line. But that's not to say that we favour any one trend over another. Our job is to simply respond to what consumers want by filling our vending machines with the right kinds of products. As such, we pay close attention to public opinion as it relates to fitness nutrition.

Are Sports Nutrition Products Ready for Customisation?

Coca-Cola recently unveiled the latest in their line of Freestyle vending machines. The new Freestyle 9100 offers several technological advances over its predecessor, advances built around the idea of customisation. Reading about it made us wonder whether sports nutrition products are ready for the same level of customisation. In a word, no.

Nutritionists Weigh-In on Vending Machine Choices

The problem with a lot of gym vending machines is that they are stocked with snacks and beverages that don't really lend themselves well to a healthy lifestyle. They are counterproductive to the gym mentality.